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5 Internet Marketing Strategies for a Small Budget

Gaining the attention of your target clients is very vital in driving up sales. This is why each business, big or small, requires some very powerful internet market strategies to service the red-hot competition in this age. Sometimes it occurs that you are running on a very tight budget. This means you might not be in a good position to hire a top-notch marketer. However, there are a few simple yet effective tips which you can employ to give just the best competitive edge that you require. Now here are very effective, in fact, proven inexpensive strategies to get you going with your marketing goal.

Free Gifts To Celebrities For Endorsement
Politicians get endorsed in the campaigns. They know what it means to be endorsed by a celebrity or a respected member of the community. As a marketer, you need endorsement for your products so that you can get more people asking for it. Now, if you are running on small budget, of course you might not get those global celebrities to your side easily. But you can use you local celebrity. In your backyard is a teacher or dog-trainer who people talk about most. Get them to them to say something about your products. Just send free gifts to them and follow up with them in a few days to seek their honest opinion about the gifts you sent them. If they return an approval, let your target audience know that your products carry the endorsement of that famous dog-trainer or teacher.

Strong Social Media Presence
Today every marketer knows that the people they need are on social media. You too should aim to hit this gold mine with a bang, only that you should be choosy. It is not just that Twitter or Facebook account that will get things moving your way. No, think outside the box. As mentioned earlier, every marketer is baying for the attention and nod of people on the big social media platforms like the ones already mentioned. But you can take a different route, for instance, create a LinkedIn group. Post useful and fresh content for your professional network and link this to your marketing page so that you can channel traffic there. The rule of the game is that you should not hard-sell on your professional network, doing this can dent your image.

Tap into the power of popular niche blogs
In your industry, there are already bloggers who rule the online atmosphere. Do not be jealous about their fat traffic. Instead, tap into that resource. You can offer free gifts to the bloggers so that they can tryout and write a post on it. Also, you can ask them to allow you write a guest post on their platforms and then backlinks to your own page. This is a very effective away to drive target eyeballs to your marketing page.

Tap the potential of video sharing platforms
YouTube a lone has nearly 1 billion unique visitors on a monthly basis. And there are several video sharing platforms besides YouTube, so if you can create a powerful marketing video clip of your product, there is no way you can fail to drive a good chunk of these visitors to your marketing landing page. Avoid lengthy videos, just show something that would excite someone to action and there you have it. even if you are running on a tight budget, you can get someone to do a good promotional video for you for less that $10. Just get to the freelancing sites like lance and Freelancer.

Using e-book for marketing campaign
The most storied marketers out there understand the power of e-books. First, they are easy and cheap to create. Just like video marketing, you can get someone on the aforementioned freelancing sites to create you a powerful e-book. Basically, you can just convert your own blog posts into an e-book and then offer it up for sale on platforms like Amazon.com. Remember you aim is not to generate profits from cover prices; instead, you are looking to squeeze the traffic juicy part of it. So be sure to include links to your site on the first few pages of the book.

As you can see, these strategies may look very familiar; however, it is the approach you take that would let you make the most out of them. Remember that as your competitors will be sinking huge dollars into their marketing campaign, you can get all these done without spending a dime. And this makes enough business sense.

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