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5 Tips for Conference Marketing Success

When your company heads to a conference, how do they make their presence at the conference pay off?
It's all about making a lasting impression with the right customers. The following marketing tips will go a long way toward making your next conference worth your while.
1. Streamline and focus the messaging.
If there is one thing you want conference visitors to remember, what is it? Whether it's your new product or something that distinguishes you from your competition, design your presence at the conference around that message.
2. Aim for quality - not quantity - of leads.
A conference results in ongoing revenues when it connects you with the kind of people who really want and need what you offer. Resist the temptation to expend time and resources attracting the attention of everyone at the conference. If you focus on attracting your own valuable target market, your efforts will have a bigger payoff.
Try getting input ahead of time from the sales team for the conference's region or market. Your experienced people on the ground may have useful information about the needs and interests of customers who attend the conference.
3. Choose your giveaway based on your message and customer.
Conference marketers often make the mistake of thinking their giveaway should be all about their company. But your conference giveaway is more effective when it's about your key message and your ideal customer. As long your promotional gift is branded, your name will be attached to a positive memory for the customers you want to attract.
For example, if a company wanted people to remember that they treat their customers like royalty, they might create "Queen" and "King" t-shirts that playfully invoke that theme. Or, if they wanted people to remember that they cater to families, their giveaway might be a toy for their customer's kids.
4. Make your giveaway unique.
To make your brand more memorable and attract more people to your booth, select conference giveaways that are a little surprising. You can do this by having a clever design imprinted on a popular gift, like a mug or shirt. Or, you can browse the unique categories of our expert promotional site.
5. Give them a reason to return to your booth.
Some conference marketers have had success with hosting a wine and cheese gathering and raffle for the last 30 minutes of each day. This gives visitors a reason to return and allows you interact and connect with them more, making a an impression that will last!
The author of this article has been working in the marketing industry for over 10 years conference giveaways for business and promotional items for large conventions. During her free time she loves to travel to Japan to learn the latest technology so she can incorporate it in her business plan.

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